Ensure Your Furry Friend’s Protection During Outdoor Strolls

Make the most of Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30 by getting outside with your furry friend. Keep an eye out for potential issues that could put a damper on your special day. As you stroll through nature’s beauty together, watch out for these common hazards to protect both you and your pet.

#1: Other Dogs

Number one on the list of potential risks while walking your pet? Other dogs. Both reactive and friendly, off-leash canines have the capacity to create a potentially hazardous environment for your pup, so be mindful when another furry pal enters view. Regularly check in with how they are reacting – are their ears back, or is their tail wagging? Paying attention will help you act quickly if needed to keep your pup safe from harm’s way. Whenever possible, avoid parks during peak hours since gatherings of multiple reactive dogs could lead to tense situations.

#2: Traffic

Walking your pet to the park? Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic, be it cars, bikes, or pedestrians. A leash that’s too long or not locked can lead to disaster—your pup could run into moving vehicles, clothesline bicycle riders, or wrap around people nearby. Ensure you maintain control of your furry friend at all times by securing them with an appropriate length and quality leash; keep in mind if they suddenly lunge after a squirrel, their current restraint may break!

#3: Parasites

The park may be the perfect place for your furry friend to explore, but unfortunately, it is also a hot spot for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites. To guard against these unpleasant pests and their potential health effects on your pet companion year-round, make sure to administer preventives regularly and do thorough inspections of them from head to toe once you are back home.

#4: Wildlife

As your pup follows their nose around the park, they may stumble upon wildlife burrows, nests and resting areas. While many wild creatures would normally flee in our presence or that of our furry friends, some may feel threatened by us and become aggressive when we get too close to where they live or feed. Furthermore, wild animals are known carriers of illnesses as well as countless parasites; it is best advised not to approach them for this reason alone.

If you and your furry friend relish the great outdoors, keep them safe from harmful infections and critters with frequent preventive care. Contact us today to set up a wellness appointment for your pet!