Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s oral health is more important than you think.

When was the last time your pet’s teeth were cleaned?

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease by the age of 3 years. Exceptionally bad breath, a brownish plaque at the base of the teeth, excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and decreased appetite can all be signs that a pet’s teeth require attention.

How often should my pet’s teeth be cleaned?

Dental disease can be prevented by being diligent about your furbaby’s oral health. Just like humans, every pet’s mouth is different. Annual and semi-annual (in older pets) dental checks and cleanings are necessary to maintain good oral health. In addition to wellness exams and routine dental cleanings at Academy Animal Hospital, home care is so important. It’s important to keep up with your pet’s annual wellness exams, so we can determine the need for a full dental cleaning. Regular brushing/wiping, dental treats/food, and water additives are great at home preventatives to keep your pet’s mouth and teeth in tip-top shape.

What we recommend at Academy Animal Hospital:

For routine dental care, we recommend annual dental exams and cleanings as needed. These exams are ideal for assessing your pet’s overall dental and oral health; with these exams (which can include X-rays), we take a comprehensive look at your pet’s teeth and gums to look for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other problems that need to be addressed. From there, we can make recommendations for further treatment that may include additional cleanings, antibiotic fillings, extractions, and sealants. We can perform most dental treatments right here in our office and are done under sedation or anesthesia to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. If needed, we will also perform any pre-treatment blood work, which can help us determine that anesthesia is safe for your pet.

Sedated dental cleanings are now available for qualified patients!

Dental care is an essential ingredient in keeping your pet healthy. It is estimated that more than half of our pets have periodontal disease. Plaque and bacteria can invade vital body organs such as the heart and kidneys, and over time can be the cause of severe disease. Even a small amount of staining and plaque will harbor bacteria and over time will result in significant oral disease. Regular cleaning is important to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and help avoid the dreaded “buffalo breath” many owners detect when their special friend gets up close and personal.

For some pets, a Non-Anesthetic Sedated Dental may be all that’s necessary to clean and polish the teeth. This procedure is performed in our office by the highly trained veterinary nurses, but only after a thorough oral exam, by the veterinarian, determines that this type of cleaning would be appropriate. This is NOT just a cosmetic cleaning often performed at pet stores and grooming shops. Our trained nurses perform an extensive scaling and polishing with the same instruments your own dentist uses. If the dental tartar is too heavy, gums reddened or painful, if teeth are loose or extractions are needed, anesthesia may be necessary. The doctor will determine if your pet would be a good candidate for this procedure. Your pet will be given a mild sedative to keep her calm and prevent any injury during the scaling (moving around increases the risk of being poked by the scaler). As soon as the cleaning is done, the sedation is reversed and your pet awake within 5-10 minutes. This lessens the stress of the cleaning and allows us to do a thorough job. A Non-Anesthetic Dental is not as thorough as an anesthetic dental procedure but is great for maintaining good oral hygiene. This lessens the stress of the cleaning and allows us to do a thorough job. A Non-Anesthetic Dental is not as thorough as an anesthetic dental procedure but is great for maintaining good oral hygiene.

A non-anesthetic dental is ideal for those pets just starting to show signs of staining or tartar or need a maintenance cleaning. If your pet requires a complete anesthetic dental, many times we can keep those teeth clean with regular follow-up non-anesthetic cleanings.

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