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It’s difficult to imagine leaving your beloved pet for any length of time — and even harder to spend your time away worrying about your pet’s welfare. But when a hospitalization, family reunion, business trip or other endeavor calls, you may have no choice but to leave your pet in someone else’s care for a while.

How does pet boarding at Academy Animal Hospital work?

The first step in booking a boarding stay at our veterinary clinic is making sure your pet is ready to spend some quality time among humans and other animals. If your pet needs updates of any core vaccinations or new vaccinations against communicable diseases such as kennel cough or rabies, we are able to administer those vaccines during your pet’s stay. If your pet needs special medical care, let us know so we can make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. Feel free to bring his favorite blanket or toy so we can make him feel right at home. During busy travel seasons, make these arrangements and book your pet’s stay as far ahead of time as possible.

Why board your pet with Academy Animal Hospital?

Why should you board your pet with our veterinarian instead of letting your trusted friend or neighbor check in on her for daily feedings? For one thing, a brief interaction with another human is little comfort when your pet spends most of the time alone. This can lead to the emotional anguish and destructive behavior of separation anxiety. Pets can also experience sudden health emergencies, which might go unnoticed outside of a veterinary boarding center. Some pets may even need round-the-clock medical supervision.

Academy Animal Hospital can eliminate all of these worries. Your pet will enjoy comfortable surroundings, regular meals, and as much interaction with our staff as he wants. We can make certain your pet gets his daily meds or any other specialized care he may require. If the unexpected occurs, our veterinarian can make an immediate diagnosis and administer prompt, effective treatment. Your pet will know that he’s in a nice, safe, comforting place — and you’ll know it, too.

Boarding Rates

Please note: Boarding rates are based on the size of the pet and treatment or medication needed.

  • Dogs $71-97/night
  • Cats $56/night
  • $5 a day for medication 
  • $5 a day for hospital food

If you have additional questions, please call us at 858-755-1511.

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If you have any questions, please call us directly at 858-755-1511.

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